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Billy Parisi Media and Visual Culture Inc. was founded in 2009 by strategist, content creator and chef, Billy Parisi. Combining analytic insights and content creation, we are a boutique digital and social agency specializing in cooking, food and beverage photography, video, recipe creation and copy writing. We take a direct marketing approach to the internet with the constant goal of generating new customers at the most cost effective way as possible.

Since our founding we’ve worked with food and kitchen product brands, agencies, restaurants and chef celebrities from all over the world creating effective engaging content.

A Few Folks We’ve Worked With Below

BPMVC Studios

BPMVC studios is a full photography and videography production studio based in Chicago, Illinois.  Drenched in daylight, your photography and video will showcase the beauty of food, it’s colors, textures and skin tones to perfection.  With over 15 years in video production and an expertise in all things culinary, let BPMVC shoot your next photography or video!

Apart from BPMVC producing your photography or video content, the studio is fully rentable, just click one of the links below.



Chef Billy Parisi – Influencer

Since branching out across the digital and social landscape in 2007,  Chef Billy Parisi considers himself one of the true culinary media entrepreneurs. He’s able to bring a skill for strategic initiatives and creative advertising rarely coupled with a deep understanding of digesting analytics for better decision making and fine tuning actionable plans.  His creative chef work has been seen on network television, online as well as across new and emerging media channels with unique views in the millions.  As of 2017 Chef Billy Parisi was ranked as the 56th most influential male amongst all male influencers online (see chart below)!  In addition we have great relationships with some of the biggest food bloggers online and would love to create a blogger campaign with you.

Check out to see all of his work and his social media following